Friday, February 27, 2009


I just pulled these out of the oven.

My apartment smells heavenly right now. It's one of those deep-breath-inhaling aromas that starts your mouth watering. And I made all of this in an hour and a half. Yes I'm bragging. I'm not a bread-maker. At least I haven't been up til now, but I'm hoping to start a habit of it. Who wants to come and play at my house tonight?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

3 Months Old, Bath time, and a Haircut

David is 3 months old today! And I just barely wrote about how he was 2 months old. I haven't been very good about keeping up lately. I'll have to be a little better. He's growing like a pro, much faster than Anna did. Dan and I were estimating the other day with the scale and we think he's already 15 pounds. He's our cute little chubby guy. We sure love him!

Anna loves her baby brother so much too. I just have to watch out for the untimely tempting pinches that she will occasionally give. But she loves to help hold him and talk to him and give him big loves. And he's already learning to adore his big sister. I love watching his face crack into an adorable grin when he watches her. We're just waiting for the cute giggles to start now.

I pulled out the plastic tub for David finally and bathed Anna and David together today. That was a lot of fun! I think we'll have joint bathtime a little more often since they both seemed to enjoy it. Here's my cute little water babies.

And just had to show off Anna's cute little haircut. While we were in Utah a couple weeks ago, I asked our family friend and neighbor for some help chopping her hair to be all the same length. I've only been brave enough to attempt trimming the bangs before, so the back of her hair was long and wispy with various lengths. I think she looks so cute with the new cut!

I love playing with her hair and doing fun things. When I can get her to sit still long enough, that is. Calling it "Princess Hair" has helped many times, but that one is starting to get old. Any other ideas for getting a toddler to hold still for hair time? Anyway, I love that I can do fun things like this with her hair.

Wow, that picture was a little bright and shiny. Here's a better one for color, just a little blurry, though. I need to get a little more handy with the camera.

Time to start playing and coming up with more fun hairstyles!

A Miracle!

Well, it's a week-old miracle now. But I didn't want to jinx myself if I posted about it or cheered too early.

We're finally rid of the pacifier! At least Anna's pacifier. I'm still working on getting David to like his right now. Ironic, isn't it? Anna never wanted anything to do with a pacifier for her first year or so while she had bottles. When we finally were weaning her off bottles around 12-15 months old, she started showing interest in a pacifier at nap and bedtimes to help soothe her to sleep. Pair the paci with her favorite blankie and bedtime was a piece of cake, so I had no problem with that! Fast forward to the last couple months and I have been wondering when to start the battle of taking away the paci. We only had it for bedtimes--and the occasional Sacrament Meeting which was right at her normal naptime--so I hadn't pressed the issue yet.
Last week Anna had an ear infection, and I let her have her paci throughout the day because she just looked so pathetic and sick, poor girl. She apparantly has been sucking pretty hard on it, because she took it out of her mouth and said, "Mommy, owie on it" like it was starting to wear through. So I casually mentioned that we might have to throw it away if it breaks. Much to my surprise, the next morning Anna brought it to me and said, "Owie on it, Mommy, throw it away." Her idea, no forcing on my part! She lifted the lid on the garbage can, threw it in, and then even said bye to it at my prompting. Yes!! I think I lucked out on that one.

Maybe she was making up for the fact that potty-training is no walk in the park. It's pretty hard to try to train a kid who is terrified of going near the toilet...

Anyway, we are over a week past, and she only asked for her paci one time the day she threw it away until I reminded her where it was. Hooray!