Saturday, July 25, 2009


Because he did so much better today, here's a little more of David crawling. He really took off now that he realized he can move! We made a little trail of cheerios on the ground to get him going, and then he came all the way across the room and found the little bowl of them. I love the way he kicks with his legs and flops forward onto his cheek as he crawls. Funny kid.

Happy Pioneer Day!

We sure missed having a nice state holiday off of work today for Dan to stay home. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait for Labor Day. I celebrated anyway by singing "Pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked..." umpteen times today with Anna while I sewed this fun bonnet for her. It's actually an apron also that you button back into a bonnet, but I didn't get a picture of it as an apron. Then tonight we had a ward activity with a fun little children's parade and some service projects to work on. We had a fun time getting to visit with and meet people in our new ward. David sure was enthusiastic... I guess there was too much for him to see and focus on instead of smiling for the camera. Of course, this was Anna's favorite part. Tonight when we got home, though, David made up for his unenthused state. Looks like we have a crawler on our hands! I think more baby-proofing is in order. The video doesn't show it very well, but he actually started further back by Dan, and then we kept moving Dan's glasses (why glasses, you ask? I have no idea, take it up with David, or any baby, as to why glasses are so fascinating. He pulled them off Dan's face, and thus a motivation was born) around and having him crawl for them again and again. We're such mean parents.

All in all, a good Pioneer Day. I enjoy this time of year to remember and honor the heritage of our church and think of the sacrifices made and strong faith of the early pioneers of the church, as well as all pioneers around the world past and present. I'm grateful to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I'm grateful for the examples of courage, sacrifice, love, and faith that I find when remembering and reading about pioneers, and the hope and strength it gives me to boost my own faith and testimony always, through struggles and happiness.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Auntie Christiana

My sister Christiana is here for the week visiting! It's been so fun to go all over the city exploring and spending lots of fun time. Anna and David are having a grand ole' time with all the extra attention from a doting auntie also. I wish we didn't live so far away so that we could see Christie more often--and all of my brothers and sisters.
We've spent the last several days driving around seeing some of the local sites, seeing the Houston temple, going to Market Street in The Woodlands, downtown at the museums, and down to Galveston for some fun beachtime. And today I've roped Christie into sewing some projects with me. What a good sister I have! I'm so glad for a fun visit, and we still get to keep her until Wednesday--what a great week!


The Phantom of the Opera was wonderful! After growing up listening to the music, I had such a fun time seeing it on stage. And I absolutely loved the Music of the Night--such gorgeous music! What a wonderful experience, only next time we might spring for the next level of tickets so we can sit a little closer. It's been a week already, but I'm still singing the songs and I'm so glad we got to go.

As great as it was to go to a fun Broadway production, the best part was that we actually got a sitter and had a nice afternoon break from being Mom and Dad. I think that we're going to need more regular date nights in the near future to get out for a little while without a toddler and baby attached at the hip. Just one afternoon with a babysitter at home bought me a whole week of rejuvenation and feeling more like myself again. Best $25 I've spent in a while.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Phantom of the Opera

Dan and I have tickets to Phantom of the Opera! I'm so excited to go! This will be the first big Broadway production I've ever gone to, and I can't wait. Phantom has always been on my list of things I'd like to see, right up there wtih Les Miserables and Wicked now.

Now if only I can shake these ear infections quickly so I can enjoy the full musical experience this weekend!

Under Water for the last 5 days

At least that's what it feels like. I went to the doctor finally on Monday night when I couldn't stand the pressure and stabbing pain anymore, and they said I have ear infections (otitis externa for the proper name) or swimmer's ear. Lovely. I was hoping that after a day and a half of antibiotics I'd be better than I am right now. Hopefully soon! On the plus side, I feel next to no guilt now when I let David fuss in his bed in order to fall asleep since I can't hear it from downstairs. Maybe that just makes me a bad mom. Come on antibiotics, do your thing! I've got plans this weekend and I want to enjoy it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


David having his first taste of sweet potatoes, and he's not quite sure what to think.

I think it's a winner!

Now pureed peas on the other hand... Too bad I didn't get a picture of the face that was yielded by that first taste.

4th of July Decorations

I've been having fun decorating for the 4th of July. I grew up having this fun star garland hanging in our kitchen through the month of July, so now that I have a great place to string it up in our new house, I had to make some stars for myself.
Anna had a really fun time helping me string all of the stars, and got really excited as I hung it up. "For me, Mommy? For my birthday!?" with a little squeal. Anytime we do anything fun around here it means it has to be SOMEONE's birthday to Anna.

Keeping with the creative energy that began flowing while making the stars, I bought some ribbon and made this fun topiary I saw on a blog a little while ago. Here's the tutorial I followed. I love how it turned out! And very simple, so I could easily finish the project without too much time invested.

I also found this patriotic vinyl at Joann Fabric store and got some for a tablecloth.

I think I'm ready for the holiday now!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Fun

We bought a little plastic pool for David and Anna to play with in the backyard. It's a hit!
Pair the pool with the Little Tykes slide for enhanced squealing and slippery splashing capacity.

Of Beds and Bows

We finally bit the bullet and bought a full-size crib. When Anna was born, we were living in a small 1 bedroom apartment in Provo and didn't have any room for a full-size crib, so she slept in this port-a-crib in our bedroom.

Then when we moved to Texas, we just let her sleep in it until we moved her up to a toddler bed. So David has been using the same port-a-crib up until a couple weeks ago. When we started finding him in the mornings flipped over, turned around, and arms and/or legs through the bars, it was time to upgrade. I guess we got lucky that Anna wasn't a mover in her sleep like David is!
Here's our new crib in all its glory.

David approves.

Even with the additional room, we still find him like this in the morning...

Maybe he'd be more comfortable if we got bedding that actually looks like it's for a boy. I'm not fully admitting that he mostly sleeps with pink and purple sheets still since that's all we own in a full crib size. Ok, fine, maybe I am. One thing at a time. Cute boy bedding has been low on the priority list as we're setting up home here. Sorry, baby David. It's only a crib sheet, right? At least it's not like I'm putting hairbows on him...

Ok, maybe I DO like to use him as a model for the baby headbands I made for a friend's baby shower a month ago. Poor kid. He might be in for some therapy later in life.
At least Daddy makes a good model too...

Don't you just love a good blackmail shot?