Tuesday, June 8, 2010


And at the end of the day, we made up for the fail of the morning! The sun came out, and we loaded the stroller and walked to the pool for a nice hour and a half swim. Just long enough to get all nice and raisin-y in a good way, of course, and all is right in the world again for the little ones.

Oh, but during the rain, we also made popcorn, played Uno Attack, watched a movie, and ate lemon bars to cheer up the sadness of no swimming. I'm pretty sure Anna and David had the best day they've had in a while. Lucky kids.

The pool really did feel great, though. Many thanks to our friend, Allison, who came and helped in the pool with the kids. Good day!


Ever have those days where you just have Mom "fails"? No? Shoot, I'd better work on this.

There are all kinds of little things, like when Anna asked for a popsicle the other day. That's a special treat, mostly because I don't like dealing with the mess, and I said yes. She literally squealed in excitement and hopped up and down. Upon searching the freezer, however, I could not find the last popsicle that I KNEW had been there. Try substituting apple slices for the yummy popsicle she'd built up in her mind.


And then slightly bigger ones.
Last Saturday, 10:30 a.m. I had a wonderful, lazy, sleeping-in morning as Dan was heroic enough to get up and turn on a movie for Anna before lying back down and falling asleep. Miraculously, David was still sleeping. Movie over, Anna excitedly came running into the room asking, "Mom, is it time for my a-tivity at the church?" My eyes pop open as the realization sank in. It's not so fun telling your 3 almost 4-year-old sunbeam that the 9:30-11:00 Primary "a-tivity" will be over before you could even drive her to the church.


Last night, in an effort to be Super Mom (why do I even try?), I promised Anna and David that we could walk to the neighborhood pool to swim this morning. I woke up to an overcast sky this morning, but held out hope that it would just be a nice, less sunny swim. Murphy and his law must have gotten a good chuckle out of that one, and sure enough, as we were finishing getting dressed for the pool a little while ago, the skies opened and buckets started pouring.
David is still blissfully ignorant of the loss for the most part, not fully understanding why he's dressed in his blue and green alligator swimming trunks. But poor little Anna knows and feels so greatly the insult-added-to-injury of walking around the house still dressed in her cute blue suit while not being able to go swim. Or at least swim yet? Here's hoping the rain will blow over soon so I can have a little mother-redemption. (And after typing that, I just went to weather.com and checked out the forecast for the day--thunderstorms all day. Yeah, I'm not liking Murphy very much today.)


I hope I get this week turned around and quickly. Man, life sure is getting harder as Anna is getting older and remembers more. Because I really don't like being the one to crush this cute little spirit.