Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Talk in Primary!

Anna got to give her very first talk in Primary at church 2 weeks ago. A quite considerable milestone when contrasted with the Primary Program last fall where she snuggled into her teacher's lap and hid her face from everyone. We decided to take advantage of the Easter season while preparing her little talk. She loved opening all of the little eggs and showing her little items in them. Anna did a great job, nerves and all, and said every word at the microphone, despite waiting for the requisite "Mommy Prompts" on each line. Oh well, I'll take it!

Proud mother that I am, I made her give her talk again sans the unneeded "Mommy Prompts" (possibly 3 or 4 times until we got the video acceptable...) at home for the camera and posterity's sake. Here is her sweet little Easter testimony.

"At Easter time you see pretty flowers.
At Easter time you fill your Easter baskets.
At Easter time you eat yummy candy.
At Easter time you paint Easter eggs.
At Easter time you think about Jesus and the empty tomb.
He was resurrected. I know He died for us.
I know He lives and loves us.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

Sunday, April 10, 2011


We got lucky enough to find a swingset for our backyard a couple weeks ago! Being the kind, patient, ever-supportive husband and father he is, Dan got roped into driving to take down the swingset from someone's yard and bring it home to our yard and reassemble it for us. Thank you, freecycle. And thank you, random kind stranger-getting-rid-of-a-swingset. And thank you, Dan, for doing the work. The kids thank you. And I thank you for the freedom given me to send them out back to swing while I'm cooking, cleaning, or just in need of a kid-less moment. Swingsets are heaven!
For your enjoyment--this little video clip from earlier this evening had Anna and David giggling incessantly for the longest time while repeatedly watching:

Friday, April 8, 2011

"i" and "o"

"i" and "o" are the two letters that David surprised me by recognizing and naming while we were at the mall today! We were playing at the indoor mall playground, and I had stopped to have Anna name all the letters in the name of the mall printed on the wall--you know, being that good proactive mom trying to help her daughter get ready for kindergarten and all that good stuff. She was busy identifying "w" when David reached out, pointed to "i", and named it. Then the 3 different o's in the name too. He can't identify many colors or shapes yet, but his ABC's? He's got them! (Or at least starting to "get" them--I guess he pays attention a lot more than I realized.) Color me proud of this cute little guy!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

Happy April Fools' Day!

Anna, David, and I had fun making spaghetti cupcakes to trick Dan tonight.

Then we had meatloaf cupcakes frosted with mashed potatoes. Tasty, but didn't turn out very realistic looking.

But the real kicker was my own private joke--jello in their juice glasses! Anna especially found it hilarious to be tricked when I said, "April Fools'!" to her after she tried to drink it. It's fun making these cute kids laugh!

It took David a little bit to figure out why his juice "won't work". He got over it pretty quickly, as jello is a huge favorite with him.
Dan had his own fun with his "juice"...
Hope you all had a fun April Fools' Day!