Friday, April 8, 2011

"i" and "o"

"i" and "o" are the two letters that David surprised me by recognizing and naming while we were at the mall today! We were playing at the indoor mall playground, and I had stopped to have Anna name all the letters in the name of the mall printed on the wall--you know, being that good proactive mom trying to help her daughter get ready for kindergarten and all that good stuff. She was busy identifying "w" when David reached out, pointed to "i", and named it. Then the 3 different o's in the name too. He can't identify many colors or shapes yet, but his ABC's? He's got them! (Or at least starting to "get" them--I guess he pays attention a lot more than I realized.) Color me proud of this cute little guy!

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Mike said...

I still haven't met this little guy... When do I get the privilege?