Monday, January 26, 2009

The Bubble

Or the blob. Or the really weird, yucky egg.

Actually, once we figured out the premise behind the thing, it's kind of cool in a strange way. (You throw it at the wall and it splats into a fried egg of sorts.)

Santa Claus brought Anna this little stretchy "thing" that she had fallen in love with at the store a few weeks before Christmas. It was in her stocking Christmas morning, and fast became one of her favorite little toys to carry around. And stretch. And throw.

And stick to the wall.

Anna has proudly dubbed it her "bubble" as it, of course, looks like a bubble. Perfectly logical. Gotta love the $1 bins of silly novelty toys at stores. Who knew?

Dan and I are making bets on how long this little toy will last, though, while waiting for the leak to spring. But fun memories!

2 Months Old

Where did the time go? David is 2 months old today. To celebrate, we went to the doctor for his well-baby checkup. He is a healthy, happy little boy and growing really well.
Weight 13 lbs 10 oz (90th percentile)
Length 23 3/4 inches (75th percentile)
Head 15 3/4 inches (50th percentile)

Apparantly we've got a big little guy! I think he's pretty cute, myself.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Lots of pictures to follow because I love my cute kids...
Tummy time on the floor for David almost always includes Anna now. She loves to grab her blanket and lie down with him.

Sweet sleeping boy

Sweet sleeping girl

At the park

David all bundled up at the park

My little tree-hugger

And we have a smiler! I love these gummy grins.

My little fairy/princess/girly-girl. Anna picked out her whole outfit--pink, pink, and more pink, and fairy wings. She loves to dress up!

Catching Up

Wow, the month has sure gone really fast, and I haven't posted anything in a while.

So this is late, but Happy New Year! We rang in the new year quietly at home. Well, almost quietly. We had 2 wide-awake kids at midnight. Anna was very distraught about hearing the fireworks being fired in the neighborhood around us and would wake up whenever she heard them and come running out to us in tears. And David--well, David is just his cutest self right around midnight every night, so he was up also. Fortunately, once the fireworks ceased the day after New Year's, Anna went back to her mostly normal sleep schedule. Unfortunately, though mostly expected, we're still waiting for David to get into a sleep-through-the-night routine. He's only 8 weeks old, so I think we'll give him a little more time to get there.

We had my brother Jon and sister-in-law Carrie come and stay with us for a few days back at the beginning of January. Jon has an internship here in Houston for the first few months of this year, so they stayed with us until they could move into their apartment downtown. Anna absolutely loved having them stay with us, and is in love with them both. But especially Carrie, sorry Jon...
I must say that I love Carrie especially also, because she introduced me to the amazing world of pedicures! We decided to go out for some pampering (and personal celebrating for me that my feet have finally released all that horrible pregnancy swelling and are normal-sized again) while Jon and Dan were at work one day. Wow, how have I missed out on pedicures my whole life? I can live without spending the money regularly, but the massage and wax dip are completely worth an occasional splurge.
Anyway, I'm very excited to have them living near us--even if it is only for a few months. I'm still holding out hope that Jon will do a lot of networking while he's here and that they will decide that Houston is just right for them and move back here after graduation.

So life is good. Busy, in our normal day-to-day life kind of way. I've been getting out with Anna and David during the day a lot more now. I love having a 2nd vehicle! Who knew all the freedom that comes with not having to drop off or arrange a way to have the car when Dan was at work? Ok, I did, but we didn't get a 2nd car until just before David was born, so I'm really starting to enjoy it now. We go to the park to play a lot, hit up Toddler Story Time at the library, and I'm looking for more to do. Any fun ideas for a mom with a toddler and newborn?