Sunday, November 30, 2008

More David

And because he's 4 days old already (wow, where are the days going?!), here's some more pictures of our little guy.


He's here!

David Erik was born on Wednesday November 26 at 8:44 pm.
9 lbs 5 oz, 21 inches long

During my weekly appointment on Wednesday, I had some elevated blood pressure problems again, and after a non-stress test and evaluation of the whole situation, the doctor recommended and we felt best about having a repeat c-section that night. I'm a little disappointed since I was hoping to avoid that this time, but I'm very happy that I made it this far and have him here healthy and strong. We came home from the hospital yesterday, and it's nice being home again. And Mom is here taking care of me, so I'm feeling very pampered and resting well.

We're so thrilled to have our healthy, cute little baby here safe and sound. We are proud parents, and Anna is a proud big sister, although she's still trying to get used to the idea of this new baby in the family. I'm sure it will become more of a reality when she realizes that he's here to stay!

Here's some more pictures of our new little one.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Curly Sue

Err, Anna. :)

A few months ago I attempted sponge rollers in Anna's hair without too much success. Last night I decided to try again since her hair has grown so much over the summer. It's so much fun for me to play with her hair, and those little sponge rollers bring back so many memories of Saturday nights sitting at my mom's feet while she rolled my hair for me. Anna has joined the ranks of the sponge-curler-wearers who have "Princess Hair" Sunday morning for church!

With the fun rollers--she wasn't sure about lying down on them, but eventually believed me that it was ok for her to leave them in her hair for bed last night.

And here's the pretty princess hair! This is after church, so it was smushed a bit in her carseat, and then of course survived nursery. But it held really well!

2 Weeks Left!

I am ready to have this baby. I can finally say I'm 38 weeks today and officially ready anytime! Anna was born 3 weeks early, so my goal was to at least get that far, and then take it a day at a time. And now at 38 weeks, I'm starting to have heart-to-hearts with this baby boy inviting him to be born sometime soon. Happily, the taking-it-easy and resting I've been doing has helped to keep hypertension at bay this time, and I am still doing wonderfully. If you consider normal aches, heartburn, fatigue, anxiety, nesting-instincts, and insomnia wonderful. At least pregnancy can't last forever! Right? Boy, I hope not.
Because I'm a VBAC-hopeful mother, my doctor won't even discuss induction until after my due date (November 30), and then only if conditions are favorable, so I'm now just waiting for labor to start naturally on its own. Dan, Anna, and I went to Target on Friday night to get some much-needed Christmas shopping done, and I'm thinking I need to make that a daily event. The activity spurred a lot of practice/false labor that night that I am hoping has made some progress for me. So if you're looking for me, you'll probably find me out walking the malls and stores trying to jumpstart contractions! Well, at least in the evenings when Dan can come with me. I only have enough energy these days to worry about myself, so I don't think I'll attempt to chase Anna through the stores without Dan there.

Friday, November 7, 2008


So much joy from a chocolate cookie!


A week late, but here's a few pictures from our Halloween last week. We had a great time going to our ward's trunk-or-treat. I sat at the back of the car handing out candy and being generally overall lazy--one of the perks of being 9 months pregnant, I suppose--while Dan walked all over with Anna. She had such a fun time getting candy added to her little pumpkin! The hard part was only letting her have one piece. We hardly ever have candy at home, but the last week with a whole bucket-full has lead to some very over-zealous whining for, "Candy, mommy, candy!!!" It doesn't take little ones long to realize what the good stuff is...

Here's our little fairy princess. Anna loved getting real makeup put on her face! Much better than just pretending when I'm putting on my own makeup.

And for fun, we actually carved pumpkins this year! It's been a couple years since we actually got around to it, so Dan and I had some fun. I learned all about how to cheat and use a pattern for a cool picture on your pumpkin.