Sunday, November 16, 2008

2 Weeks Left!

I am ready to have this baby. I can finally say I'm 38 weeks today and officially ready anytime! Anna was born 3 weeks early, so my goal was to at least get that far, and then take it a day at a time. And now at 38 weeks, I'm starting to have heart-to-hearts with this baby boy inviting him to be born sometime soon. Happily, the taking-it-easy and resting I've been doing has helped to keep hypertension at bay this time, and I am still doing wonderfully. If you consider normal aches, heartburn, fatigue, anxiety, nesting-instincts, and insomnia wonderful. At least pregnancy can't last forever! Right? Boy, I hope not.
Because I'm a VBAC-hopeful mother, my doctor won't even discuss induction until after my due date (November 30), and then only if conditions are favorable, so I'm now just waiting for labor to start naturally on its own. Dan, Anna, and I went to Target on Friday night to get some much-needed Christmas shopping done, and I'm thinking I need to make that a daily event. The activity spurred a lot of practice/false labor that night that I am hoping has made some progress for me. So if you're looking for me, you'll probably find me out walking the malls and stores trying to jumpstart contractions! Well, at least in the evenings when Dan can come with me. I only have enough energy these days to worry about myself, so I don't think I'll attempt to chase Anna through the stores without Dan there.


Sarah said...

Good luck, Liz!! It's always nice to see light at the end of the tunnel. My babies always liked to come fairly close to their due date. (Rebekah came 3 days late!) so when I had 2 weeks left I knew I really DID have 2 weeks left. I hope, for your sake, that it really just means a few more days. :)

aubrie said...

Hopefully he decides to come soon! Can't wait to see the pictures. Good luck!

MELISSA said...

The end of a long 9 months! I hope this little guys wants to see you as soon as you want to see him. Good luck!