Thursday, April 2, 2009

Diapers Reprise

Thanks for all the tips and suggestions on diapers. It's nice to hear the advice and tips and experience from others.

So I thought about just going up a size in the White Cloud diapers to see if that solved the problem, but when I went to get the different size at our Walmart the other day, I couldn't find any White Cloud diapers. After a quick google search, it looks like they are discontinuing the WC line, so I guess that makes that choice of diapers obsolete for me now.

New diaper of choice is:

I couldn't bring myself to spend the full price on Pampers or Huggies yet without trying the other lower priced ones, so I bought Luvs to try. They're working great so far! I love that we haven't had a blowout diaper in days now after having at least a few a day. I'll take it.
Funny that I'm back to Luvs after not being able to use them for Anna. I put her in Luvs when she first came home from the hospital, but they gave her horrible rashes from the dye in them, so I just didn't even try them on David. Hopefully they keep working for us!


Katy said...

We've liked buying Huggies from Costco but I've heard that different brands work to stop leaks on different kids. Interesting.

Tristan said...

Glad to hear you found some diapers that will work!

whitney said...

I'm so glad you've found one that works! yay! for a bit less laundry!

Isn't if funny how different diapers work for different kids. Ezra absolutley never had diaper rash, but would soak through diapers like nothing else, while Georgia has the most sensitive bottom I've ever seen. Therefore-absorbancy was key for Ez while w/Georgia I have to get one that wicks away the moisture (ie:expensive :P)

Travis and Melissa said...

I hate Luvs! LOL I just bought some for Natalie because I remembered them being fairly decent with Andrew (someone gave me a few leftover from their child, I didn't use a whole pack) but I can't stand how scratchy they are. I did discover yesterday that the Parent's Choice that my MIL keeps on hand for the grandkids work really well. I was always afraid to buy them because Andrew didn't do well with cheap diapers but she did fine in them!