Monday, June 22, 2009

Still Here

Lest you think that we've fallen off the face of the earth, been kidnapped and prohibitted from blogging until ransom is paid, or forgotten the dear friend known as the internet, fear not. We are still here. We still love the internet. We still love our fellow family and friend bloggers. We just got sucked into this blackhole/vortex thing otherwise known as home-ownership. We have been found spending many hours performing previously unheard of familial activities such as caring for this thing called a yard

Growing our little container garden

I'm very excited for home grown tomatoes!

And Dan decided he had to have jalepenos to make salsa.

Moving lots of this stuff around, hoping to eventually have it all end up in just the right place or on just the right wall

Making more purchases

I found these at a yard sale in our neighborhood a week or so ago, $200 for the set! I'm so glad I decided to drive by on a whim that morning.

A lot of this is also going on

Thank you freecycle for the free slide!

As you see, this begins even before we are dressed for the day.

And of course playing with the little ones. They keep us hopping!

So no need to send out that search party. We are, however, welcoming visitors who want to come our way. We can even offer you out-of-towners your own room! Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?


Mary said...

Oh yes. I remember buying our first place. We're all excited about having a yard to play in...until we realized that we had to buy yard tools and lawn mowers...and we actually had to use them! But so worth it! Great pictures. Glad that you are still alive! How's the new ward?

The Joo said...

Oh, your yard looks great. You have a lot to work with! I'd love to do a container garden but I suspect that with no porch, they'd fry too much int he sun.
We'll come visit sometime, I'd love to see your house!

Tristan said...

I figured you were busy getting settled in! That yard looks great and so roomy! I bet ya just love it! It is good for the kids!

The Bowldens said...

oh my gosh! sooo cute! you guys are so lucky =)

Sarah said...

Loved seeing pictures of your new place and hearing how things are going!

MELISSA said...

Oh, what a great deal on couches!!! great job.