Saturday, November 7, 2009


In Texas, you ask, where Fall doesn't even really exist? Why, of course! Everything's bigger in Texas. And apparently greener too... Check out the size of those leaves! Too bad they didn't just fall off on their own to complete the whole Autumn picture. Just took lots of coercing on my part along with my handy, dandy hedge shears.

Can you find her in there?

Ah ha!

It was a very satisfying leaf pile. And on another happy note, I have a nicely pruned shrub/tree/thing outside our backdoor that we don't have to dodge or walk around anymore!


Mary said...

Wow! Those are big leaves! Glad you got the pruner out and was brave enough to tackle that bush! And who cares about the color of the leaves as long as she can JUMP in them. How fun!

meg said...

that's a fun way to include anna. that's some nice parenting.

whitney said...

Ahh, every kid deserves some fall leaves, even if they are big and green!