Friday, December 18, 2009

4.25 minutes

That's all it takes sometimes. Or really all the time lately.

You'd think I'd learn that I can't leave the kids downstairs for 4.25 minutes alone while I run upstairs for the camera and to put away a few things.

This one's learning to be devious already.

She was trying to hide her indiscretion when I came in the room

Caught red-handed!

And this little perpetrator, this one thought I needed to refile all the sheet music that I had out on the piano bench. Very thoughtful of him to get me started.

Lucky me--I thought I was being productive enough by dressing them in cute Christmas clothes to take pictures by the tree. My kids are very good motivators. I feel so accomplished and fulfilled now that I added the unplanned "file music" to my completed list for the week.
Good thing they're so cute, right?


Jennifer said...

At least they both look so cute in their holiday outfits!

aubrie said...

Oops! It's definitely lucky that they're so cute! And I'm loving the Christmas outfits, how fun!

Steph said...

HAHA at least they looked cute while doing it :)

Katy said...

I don't know how you had your house so clean in the first place! Those were filed?! And then re-filed?! I can see that I need some tips.

Caryn said...

Working out every morning helps me so much w/my little ones! Seriously! I have the sense of accomplishment right before the sun rises, my energy is boosted, I had fun & took care of me. On days I don't I my patience is much shorter & the little things frustrate me a whole lot more!

It's hard to see all that music spread around! I bet they were just getting ready to practice! :)