Monday, January 31, 2011

Pools, Princess(es), and Pianos

Anna had her first swimming lessons! She loved going to her everyday lesson for a couple weeks in the summer. We got really lucky when we found an opening in the little class at the last minute. Anna loved her teacher, a sweet woman in our stake who teaches private swim classes in her backyard pool. Apparently Anna was internalizing everything she learned quite well--Dan and I got a really good laugh one night after the kids were asleep when we heard a loud thump upstairs, then repeated thump, thump, thumping quickly on the floor. We darted upstairs and discovered Anna "swam" her way out of bed and was still kicking and "swimming" on the floor in her sleep. She woke up pretty confused when Dan picked her up, to say the least! We'll see if she does anymore sleep swimming when the weather warms up enough for swimming this year...

Of course, Anna loves all things princess. Dressing up is one of her favorite thing to do, and David didn't want to be left out of the frilly fun. Poor kid, tutus and bows, Anna and I must be torturing him. We carefully put away all the dress-ups before Dan got home from work, but we still had to document with pictures! Dan decided we didn't have nearly enough "manly" toys around, and has since remedied that with cars and trains and all that good stuff.

We also said a fond good-bye to the old beautiful piano we brought with us to Houston 3 years before as it left on its long journey to San Francisco. My brother Jon graduated from BYU, accepted a job offer, and moved his little family out to the Bay area and decided that it was time to claim his piano. We miss it, but I'm grateful for the time we had with it and glad that Jon and Carrie and baby Shayla get to enjoy it in their home now.


Greg and Tammy said...

LOVE the updates!!

Mary said...

Of course we never, EVER tell our husbands that our two year old boys have been dressing up in girl clothes. :-) Our husbands would never trust us again! Hahaha. Love that you got some pictures though!