Friday, June 17, 2011

What is it

that possesses cute little toddlers like this

to stick random stuff up their noses?
A very distraught David came up to me yesterday saying, "Owie, hurt!" That's when I found the small sponge paintbrush missing its tip.

After a quick peek up the offended nostril proved unfruitful, we resorted to more desperate measures, complete with mommy pinning the boy and daddy using a little pen-light to aid in a more thorough examination. Lo and behold, there WAS in fact something dark stuck way up in there. A very unpleasant procedure followed--including more pinning, attempted kicking and much screaming (I swear it was David, not me...), banishment of the ever-growing-wide-eyed big sister, and long-skinny-tweezers-removal-of-the-ugly-squished-piece-of-sponge-paint-brush.
We're all a little bit older, a little bit wiser, and a lot bit grossed out. And David keeps walking around repeating his lesson-learned-the-hard-way: "Nose, owie." Points to nostril, "No, up nose." That's right, cute little guy, remember that one.

What's with these 2 1/2 year-olds anyway? I think we've done this before--a little deja vous...
I guess we're 2 for 2 now.


Katy said...

I'm laughing because it wasn't my kid. Knock on wood. Poor little guy. And poor you!

abshire said...

You're doing better than us. We have had two kids in the ER for stuff like that. Make sure to take him right in if anything nasty starts coming out of his nose. If you didn't get it all, it could get infected. We have been lucky to avoid that part of it.

Anonymous said...

hahaha the real question is did he stick the whole thing up there and then part of it broke off? Or did he pull a chunk of it off and then stick it in his nose? lol :) Too funny. Glad he's ok!