Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anna is 2!

I can't believe how fast 2 years can fly by!
How did this adorable little newborn

turn into this cute little toddler so quickly?

Anna is our little doll and she makes life so much fun around here! We spent Saturday playing and celebrating our little sweetheart. We went to the pet store at the mall and let Anna see all the puppies, cats, birds, and rabbits. She went nuts! I think we need to make that trip a little more often now.
Then we had a fun little party for her Saturday night with some friends. Anna had a wonderful time and was definitely a properly celebrated 2-year-old. We had streamers and balloons, and even some pretty butterfly decorations to complement her butterfly cake--Anna loves butterflies!

She made a great attempt at blowing out her "hot hot" candles on the cake, but she's still working on learning how to blow away from her, not just down, so she had a little help. Hey, at least with that embouchure technique she'll make one great flute player someday! (I'm recruiting her early for my flute choir...)

Eating cake with her little friend Daphne


We've now officially crossed the threshold into toddler/little kid toys with this birthday too. Time to box up the baby-ish toys and save them for her new baby brother! Some of her little presents include a little tricycle that she absolutely loves, a cute little doctor's kit, a fun xylophone, some new books, a beautiful pink smocked Sunday dress from Grandma and Grandpa (pictures to come later when Anna is clean enough to put it on), and an adorable little apron and wooden spoon and rolling pin to cook with mommy.

She hasn't figured out the pedals yet, so daddy helps out pushing her around...

And a couple videos of Anna playing with her new toys. Ignore the chewing in the first one--she's munching on a celery stick that took a long time to get through...


Jenni said...

Aww Anna is too cute! I love the butterfly cupcake idea too!

Justin and Jessica said...

Cute video! I loved your singing. :) And Anna's too!