Friday, March 13, 2009

The Zoo

Can you believe that I've never been to the zoo before? Well, I guess I technically did go way back when we had a Kansas City family reunion with all the Dalton cousins, but I was only 3 or 4 at the time and have next to no memory of the trip. I think the one thing that left an impression on me as a young child was looking at the giraffes and standing outside the glassed area where you can see the giraffes legs up close. Kind of an odd but fleeting memory.
So we finally went to the zoo last week! I have officially lived. My brother and sister-in-law Jon and Carrie came with us (I love having family near! Even if it is only for four short months...), and Jon joined me in my giddiness of an almost-first-time at the zoo. His only zoo experience was that same family reunion he was too young to recall, and then a trip to the San Diego Zoo last year on his honeymoon with Carrie. So because we're sort of silly, zoos are a bit of a novelty still.

We got to see the fun sea lions

Anna loved watching the animals, but didn't quite know what to think of being prompted to hug the statue

so Jon and Carrie showed her how it's done.

Watching the monkeys with Dad

Anna and Uncle Jonny?

Wait, Anna and Uncle Jonny--Closer...

Anna and Uncle Jonny!

Tasty pole

Not the greatest picture because of the flash glare, but this is the only memory I have of the zoo when I was younger like I mentioned before, so I had to have a picture.

And for proof that David made it to the zoo and we didn't leave him home all alone

He got passed between Jon and Carrie a lot, and then he hid out in his stroller for little naps here and there.
Fun day!


The Joo said...

Oh, we LOVE the zoo. Houston's zoo is pretty good, but each zoo is different. My own fave is portland's, though of course San Diego takes the cake.
If you ever want to go back to the houston zoo and want company, give me a call. I'm a zoo-lover.

Tristan said...

How fun to have Jon visit!! The zoo is always fun.

Sara said...

I can't wait to take Jordyn to the zoo this year. I think I remember going on a field trip in gradeschool or something. Maybe? I'm super jealous! So FUN!

Katy said...

Cute! I want to go to the zoo now!