Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another one bites the dust

courtesy of David, resident 15 1/2 month old Captain Destruct-o.

Dan and I got this set of 8 glasses when we were first married almost 6 years ago. David has managed to, in the last month and a half, break not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 of the 5 remaining glasses we owned still intact. This most recent break was engineered by his diabolical plot carefully orchestrated by waiting until the dishwasher was only "fake-closed" and unattended, then pulling the door down, climbing up, and innocently emptying cups and bowls from the top rack onto the kitchen floor. Poor glass never saw it coming. Thank heavens for Corelle-ware that withstands toddler tosses. I guess we not only need locks for the cabinets, but also the dishwasher. Do they even sell such a thing? Oh wait, it's called the self-locking door already there. Note to self, Always push dishwasher door fully closed to lock so your 1-year-old can't "help" anymore. Or I could of course be better about emptying the dishwasher the second the dry cycle is complete so David has nothing to empty for me... oh who are we kidding? Do I ever empty the dishwasher that quickly after it's done? Please tell me I'm not the only one who grabs plates and silverware to set the table for dinner straight from the dishwasher--when it was run over 24 hours ago?

In the meantime, looks like I get to go shopping for a new set of drinking glasses. Thanks, Destruct-o Davy.


The Scherbel Family said...

We have a child lock on our dishwasher! I got it at target. Since having kids we've transitioned to almos all plastic cups. So sad. I much prefer to drink from glass.

MELISSA said...

So not the only one!!! More often than not, we get our dishes out of the dishwasher. I know that it I would just empty it quickly then when I'm done with a dish I could wash it and quickly put it into the empty, waiting dishwasher but instead. My washer is full of clean dishes so the dirty ones sit on the counter! Great housework planning right?

so, one glass left of the bunch? Are you going to treasure it or just give it to DI so that it's not the only mismatch? I have way too many mismatches in my cupboard.

Carrie (aka Boo) said...

I think we have the same glasses.
I just picked up a set of 10 of the same style at Ross for $9.
Ikea has some decent glasses for $5ish for 6.
We were thinking about getting a bunch of these:

they look almost like glass... they're just more expensive.

There are probably some cheaper alternatives out there too... google acrylic tumber and see what you can find.

Katy said...

So sneaky! So skillful!