Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Felt Heart Wreath

This is for Katie, Melissa, and Tammy, and anyone else who wants to know how to make the Valentine wreaths I posted here.

I first read about it on the blog Be Different Act Normal here.
The original idea came from the blog The Idea Room here.

They're really simple to make, just take some time to cut out all the felt circles. I roped Dan into helping cut some of them out while we watched a movie. For the 9" wreath I used 2" diameter circles, and for the 12" wreath I used 3" circles. And the best part is it is so inexpensive to make, especially if you use a 40% off coupon on the strofoam wreath.



The Larson Family said...

So cute!

meg said...

i don't think i said so before, but i also love that wreath--thanks for sharing and sharing your resources! i'm trying to figure out if i might have another use for it before next valentine's day so i don't have to wait...