Thursday, February 3, 2011

By 9:45 this morning

David had already managed to push a kitchen chair to the sink and flood the counter and floor, filling the breakfast cereal bowls with water and dumping everywhere. Lovely. Of course, he was having a marvelous time.

Then when I shooed him from the kitchen so I could mop up the mess, he found the camera in the computer room and managed to break off the little lens cover thingy--definitely the technical term--and lost one of the teeny-tiny practically-microscopic springs necessary for the "magic" that is our Canon powershot camera to work. Lovelier.
Did I mention that he and Anna both (I guess it's not always just David...) broke a leg off the coffee table yesterday after repeatedly tipping it on its end and using it as a slide for their dolls, cars, and I'm guessing themselves. I'd take a picture of it, but David broke the camera...
They're partners in crime most days, and I'm feeling outnumbered during the day! Good thing they're both so cute, and they know it, and they know that I know it.

It's like he knows that something's in the air, or something. We are, after all, having the coldest temperatures of the season this week (10:00a.m. and still sitting around 25 degrees) and the forecast says snow sometime in the next 24 hours! Now to try to figure out how to fix the camera so if we do in fact get snow, then I can have proof--we're rather deprived here in TX. Ah well, I'll deal with the deprivation for an early spring anytime, though. And not having to drive in snow is a great thing. And hey, if we get a few flecks of white half-floating in the sky, Dan gets to come home from work early! Houston is an odd place, the whole city practically shuts down at the mention of freezing temperatures.
I'll leave you with a sampling of David's photography--looks like he's already got some mad skills. We'll title this one simply, "Self Portrait".
Oh, and where does one take a simple point-and-shoot Canon powershot camera to be fixed? Or to at least purchase miniscule springs to help reassemble the pieces?


Sara said...

Did they learn the table tipping thing in nursery. Because in our ward they only put up on side of legs and slide the cars down.

I feel out numbered at my house too.

Mary said...

Oh, I feel your pain. Some days are like that at my house too! Good luck and hope that they weather warms up and you can get back to your normal groove again.

Steph said...

HAHA oh no! Sounds like quite the challenge. Good luck with repairing the camera! I love David's self portrait :)