Saturday, February 26, 2011

Uh oh...

The 2-year-old discovered officially how to climb out of his crib at 4 am this morning. And again at 4:15 am, 4:40 am, 5:30 am, 6:30 am, 2:15 pm during naptime, and consistently now for the last 2 hours since I put him down for the night.

Oh, and since the kids share a room (remember last year's experiment?), of course Anna hasn't gone to sleep yet. Escape-artist David is far too entertaining... Except for a brief 15-ish minutes when David was able to find her small cup of water left on her dresser and dump it on her. 'Fraid she didn't like that too much, although it was hard to get the actual words from her amid the hysterical crying. It did, however, elicit quite the guffaw from Dan when he realized what had happened (which then set me off giggling as well--ahem, fake coughing--disciplining while stifling laughter is hard!). She's now calmed down and we're back to putting him in bed, and 2 minutes later hearing a bump, little footsteps, and a door opening at the top of the stairs. Rinse. Repeat.

Someone save me!

Seriously, how do you get your toddler to stay in bed--crib, toddler bed, or otherwise--once they discover freedom?


Tristan said...

We got Preston a toddler bed and then put a gate up in his doorway. I have to get it at just the right height that he can't climb over it or slide under it. It is a bit tedious but it works. If we weren't renting and owned our own home I would get one of those doors that is like cut in half. Then I would lock the bottom half and leave the top half open. I'm against the idea and suggestion I had from others about putting the lock on the outside of the door so I could lock him in. I just don't feel comfortable with that. So I think the half door idea would be great.

Good luck! I know your pain! Luckily Preston eventually gives up cuz he can't get over the gate...for now ;-)

Mary said...

I dodged that bullet. Kaden knows how to get out of his crib, but he's a good boy and stays in until it's time to get up! Sometimes bright and early he'll come wandering into my bedroom and I'll wake up to him standing at my head saying "Mom. Mom. Mommy...." until I get out of bed. But hey, that's better than them getting out of bed every two hours once they've been put down. Good luck!