Saturday, October 31, 2009

Guess David's costume and win a prize!

Ok, sorry, I don't have a prize for you. But on a serious note, tell me what you think David is here in his costume.

I purchased this costume at Wal-Mart, and the packaging said it was a "plush horse", complete with a picture that didn't appear very horse-like. After pulling the costume out and trying it on David, I thought he looked adorable in it, but not like a horse. We went to the ward play group yesterday and everybody kept telling me what an adorable cow he was. Seriously, though, those spots weren't looking very horse-ish to the other moms either.
So just curious what you in Blog-land think.
Here's cute little David modeling. Sorry, these pictures are the best I have so far, they were taken on my cell phone.

And a side profile

And from the back. Now tell me really, does that look like a horse's bushy tail? And no mane?

And a birds' eye view.

Dan and I are thinking that the folks in some far distant country who probably made this really don't know their farm animals, at least in English, because it would seem that something got lost in the translation.
We're going with a cow when people ask about his costume. I even found a cute red cowbell to tie around his neck to seal the deal.

Happy Halloween to you and your ghosts, ghouls, goblins, princesses, fairies, wizards, etc!


Jennifer said...

I concur- definitely an adorable cow.

Maggie Reno said...

Yup looks like a cow to me too! Very cute costume though and adorable kids!

Tristan said...

Yeah it is cow :) Cute little guy!

MELISSA said...

Yup, gotta go with cow for this one.

Katy said...

hahaha Yeah, that's a cow.

I heard a story once about a lady who thought the difference between cows and horses was just the color. So brown=horse, black=cow. Maybe she's the one who made the costume.

Justin and Jessica said...

It's a nice little hybrid. :) HOpe you guys had a great Halloween!