Friday, October 30, 2009

To My Daughter

To: Miss Anna Boo (i.e. Little Miss Destruct-o)

From: The Management

Date: 10/30/2009

Re: Play Dough

Your orange (or any color, for that matter) play dough is not a ball you can hurl across the room at your baby brother's head. Nor is it an appropriate cover for the flat screen tv even though it sticks to it quite nicely when you press it on there. Play dough, although somewhat tasty and salty, is not to be fed to David, nor to yourself. Under absolutely no circumstances should play dough be dropped on the floor and then danced on, stepped on, run across, or in any other way ground into the carpet. And it most assuredly is not to be squished into the electrical cord input into the laptop computer. Let's just say that Daddy was not too pleased cleaning that last one up when he tried to charge the laptop tonight.

Consider this your cease-and-desist-improper-play-dough-activities-immediately notice. Any repeat performances are hereby subject to appropriate consequences, including but not limited to time-outs, being sent to room, cleaning up the mess, play dough disposal, and loss of bedtime stories. Please see attached list of approved play dough uses for your benefit and hopefully positive inspiration.

Thank you,

The Management (Mom)


Play Dough Uses
Approved by The Management
All of the following are only to be completed while sitting down at the kitchen table

* Rolling into snakes
* Roll small spherical orbs for a snowman
* Stack prior-mentioned orbs while singing "Once there was a Snowman", and then smashing them as the snowman melts "small, small, small".
* Flatten dough into pancakes
* Pinch or mold dough to create shapes
* Squeeze large mound of dough in your hands and through your fingers
* Make play food for your doll
* Any other approved activity you may come up with, while sitting at the table. With Mom or Dad present. After asking permission first and waiting for Mom or Dad to get the play dough for you.


Jennifer said...

Hilarious. Let me know if the memo works.

Sarah said...

So funny! Lilian is just starting to discover the joys of play doh...I've already found some in the carpet. Ugh.

Katy said...


Is your laptop okay?