Friday, October 9, 2009

Love my Techie Husband

Since we moved into our house a few months ago, we didn't want to sign up for another expensive cable or satellite package. We spent the summer realizing that we really didn't miss the 100+ channels from our old Dish Network too much, but we especially didn't miss the bill that came with it. I did, however, miss having Sesame Street, Clifford, and some of the other PBS shows that Anna was distracted, I mean entertained by.

So after a little research, Dan built us this with a few cut up wire hangers, a board, and a $10 receiver from RadioShack.

Now we get all the regular local channels coming in on our homemade antenna! Dan is my hero. And now this awesome addition has a home in a nice little corner upstairs out of the way, while being very appreciated by the family downstairs in the family room. It's nice to have a few minutes to myself here or there during Elmo's World on Sesame Street. Some days I actually get to take a shower before lunchtime!

I do miss having BYU TV that came with Dish. And no, the many local Christian televangelist channels here in the South don't make up for it. Although this singing muppet had us laughing one night.

I guess I just have a hard time taking sermons and scriptures seriously when they're being sung in a wave-the-lighter/candle/flame-back-and-forth-cheesey kind of way by a pink muppet. I think we'll stick with watching BYU TV online and ignore the singing muppets until we need a little giggle.


Jennifer said...

My brother (in your ward) has a similar setup but with a little bit extra money got a bunch of extra channels- we should find out how we did it, we miss free children's programming.

Greg and Tammy said...

We live by bunny ears as well!! Although not as high tech as yours. Very impressive handy work.