Thursday, March 31, 2011

Go Texan!

March is Rodeo month in Houston, and Anna's preschool had their fun "Go Texan!" day to go right along with it. So, "Go Texan!" she did, as much as our limited supply at home allowed.

Poor little cowgirl had to make do with the tiny play hat she got at school as a party favor. I think we might need to buy our kids real cowboy/girl hats now that we are getting into the big-time school Texas-pride days. And I mean Texas Pride with a capital P. It's hard to live here and not feel it, native Texan or not.
Maybe by next year's rodeo celebration she'll be lucky enough to have a pair of boots too. What self-respecting cowgirl in TX doesn't have boots, anyway? I want some boots too. Heck, I'm fixin' to outfit the whole family--y'all should be proud! Does this mean we're putting down roots? 4 years in a couple months, wow time sure flies.

Bluebonnets, the Texas state flower, preschool-style!
And they did some panning for gold activity and Anna brought home her pieces of gold she found.
We love preschool!

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Sarah said...

Yes...Texans have some serious state pride. :) Mary noticed and commented on it a lot when she lived there too. Heck...I haven't lived there since I was 4 years old but regardless, I still find myself all sorts of proud that I can claim Texas as the state of my birth.