Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little Spring Pruning

Just a start, though. I spent a week ago Saturday outside for hours pruning our crepe myrtle trees in the backyard. We didn't cut them back last year, so this was 2 years of growth. We're still learning how to take care of our beautiful backyard--I sure hope I didn't kill them! Luckily, this Texas climate can be forgiving and most things spring right back without too much cultivating necessary.

Don't you just wish you could have helped clean up this mess? Kinda looks like a hurricane hit...Dan was the lucky one who got to spend most of this past Saturday breaking down branches and cutting everything down to a more manageable size while I ran the lawnmower around the yard.
And we're starting to look much better!

Amazing how much the grass--well, weeds mostly still--have started greening up even in the last week. But it looks tidier, at least. Maybe the kiddos will enjoy running in the backyard a bit more without branches scattered everywhere. And here's what we're left with--anyone up for a bonfire?
Our next yard tidying project:Really sad looking after those beautiful big green banana trees last summer. But they should come back on their own too, as we learned last year.

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