Sunday, July 27, 2008

To stitch or not to stitch

Wow, church was really fun today! Dan and I both taught in our respective YM/YW classes, in neighboring classrooms. Sometime in the middle of Nephi and his brothers going to get the plates from Laban and exercising their agency (guess the objective of the lesson yet? :) ) in how they responded to the Lord's commandment to return to Jerusalem and get the plates, I heard an all too familiar cry of hurt/desperation/sadness in the hallway coming nearer... Dan and I both poked our heads out our classroom doors at the same moment to find Anna in the arms of her nursery leader, tears streaming down her face with a gash on her forehead. Needless to say, the rest of Young Women class was very interesting as I taught with a very distraught little girl on my lap, trying to press ice to her owie. Nephi eventually returned to the city a 3rd time, found Laban drunk, and followed the spirit when it told him to slay Laban and retrieve the plates; a good example was shown from that scripture story and we all (I hope) came away with a greater appreciation of the gift of agency we all have.

So back to our little drama queen with a boo-boo--she wouldn't calm down, so we ducked out of Sacrament Meeting early and came home to let Anna nap. But first I greatly deliberated over whether or not this cut made a visit to the ER or instacare worth it. Of course there are the basic descriptors of when it will need stitches--is it big, deep, gaping, etc. but that doesn't help me too much since I have no point of reference for what is deep or not. You'd think with 10 brothers and sisters I would remember seeing some cut worthy of stitches, but I can only remember the after pictures when stitches are already in place. Because hers was only a little gaping, and not long at all, we settled for a steri-strip and some liquid bandage stuff to help seal it up. Hopefully she'll heal well! I am just too much a first-time mom! Oh well, building experience as I go... Next time she gets any cut bigger than this one, we'll probably go get it stitched. Maybe. After major parental deliberations/struggles/stressing (it will get easier, won't it??). Here's our little invalid!


Jenni said...

aww poor Anna!

Justin and Jessica said...

So sad!!! It sounds like (on MBR) you guys have done enough and shouldn't need stitches. But I hope she feels better soon.