Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well, it's actually called Animusic, but in our house it's Anna-music. This is Anna's latest craze, and she'll dance around and march to this several times a day if I let her. My dad discovered this a few years ago on PBS I think, and bought the dvd for the family. Ever since then we've all been hooked! Check out the video--it's this really neat computer animation to music and pretty fascinating to watch.
Me: Anna, what are you watching? Animusic?
Anna: No, mommy-music!
Me: Oh, Anna-music?
Anna: Mommy-music! Daddy-music! (giggles)

Anyway, this is one of our favorites, and I think you can find more of them on youtube. Here's their official website:

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Sarah said...

My kids watch that too! It totally mesmerizes neat!