Saturday, October 25, 2008

Recent Anna

Here are a few recent pictures of Anna. She had an absolute blast playing on her hide-a-bed in our hotel suite in Austin! Too much fun to play on, but it took a little getting used to for her to sleep, though.

This was definitely the best part of the trip for Anna.

And she found a way to play her favorite game away from home--no kitchen that circles to the living room, but apparantly a coffee table did suffice.

What a cool dude! Apparantly every girl needs a pair of "shades". So why don't I have any? I think I need to find some for me. I'll take mine minus the Pooh Bear decor, though.


Mary said...

Love the shades. Every two year old should own some...that way they won't break ours right?

meg said...

those sunglasses are so cute on her. does it get cuter than a little kid in sunglasses? she looks like a bundle of sunshine.