Friday, October 24, 2008

Bonding Time

I'm down to just over 5 weeks from my due date, and it looks like I'm in for some bonding time with the couch. I've been doing great up until now, and things are still ok, but my blood pressure reading at the doctor yesterday was on the rise. So I'm supposed to try and stay down as much as I can. Not strict bedrest yet, but I need to lie down as much as possible. Looks like I get a good excuse to keep some dvd's playing through the day for Anna so I can take it easy. Hopefully if I have a very low-key week then next week blood pressure will be better!

I'm really hoping that I've just been doing too much lately--we just spent last week in Austin, and Anna and I were up and about all week. Very fun trip, but tiring! While Dan was in his training classes, Anna and I went and saw the Capitol, did some outlet shopping, and spent some fun time with my friend Carrie and her toddler Alex.

So any good book recommendations for me? I'm in need of something new, and this is a great excuse for not having to be up washing laundry and dishes. I'm ready to take advantage of it. Hmm, come to think of it, I haven't read Breaking Dawn yet--that must be sacrilege for anyone who has already read the other 3 books in the Twilight series.


The Snow's said...

You definitely must read Breaking Dawn. It won't take you too long though. Once you start it is very hard to put down.

Brandon and Natalie said...

I thought Breaking Dawn was pretty good. Take care of yourself. That is one thing I wished I would have done differently with B&E and that was to take it easy and rest. Enjoy getting to know your couch a little better.