Sunday, September 7, 2008

And we're back again

On the couch, that is. Anna has had a cold/bug of some kind for the last couple days, and has been pretty miserable. Amidst the sniffles, coughs, and wheezes, she's been fussy and wanting to cuddle a lot. This is Anna on Friday. She loves her teddy bear and blankets--they make everything better.

She was happier by last night, so Dan and I assumed that we'd be ok to take her to church--maybe skip out on nursery and have one of us take her to class with us, though.
So we got up this morning, I got all ready for church, dressed Anna and fixed her hair pretty with curled bangs, packed the diaper bag, and we were all ready to head out the door when we finally realized that the fussiness from Anna that wasn't calming down probably meant she ought to stay home. So Dan's down at church right now, probably teaching his lesson, and Anna and I are relaxed on the couch. Well, we were, but Anna's headed down for a nap in a few minutes.

Well, so the hour I spent straightening my hair this morning wasn't completely necessary. At least I don't have the frumpy frizz going on for now! I'll have to turn on BYUTV and listen to some conference talk rebroadcasts, and maybe catch the afternoon re-airing of the Tabernacle Choir Broadcast to help me with some spiritual enlightenment today.


Justin and Jessica said...

That last picture of the two of you is adorable!!!! WOW! Sorry she's been sick though. THat's no fun .:(

whitney said...

I agree-that is a cute pic of you two at the bottom. Nothing is less fun than taking all that time to fix your hair...only to realize you're not going anywhere-except for sick babies, of course ;)

Jenni said...

Liz, you look awesome.