Monday, September 1, 2008


Or is it just my own thing? Whatever it is, I've been having lots of fun this summer sewing, crocheting, and coming up with lots of different projects to keep myself busy. I think I'm trying to soak up what time I have with energy before I get into the 3rd trimester and then have a newborn at home again.

I've been crocheting a lot lately after not picking up a hook for a few years. I have a couple big bags full of various odds and ends of yarn in all colors and sizes that I inherited from my Great-Grandmom Rice. It has been a lot of fun going through the little scraps and recognizing some of the unmistakeable colors that I remember having grown up with in washcloths and hot pads she made and sent at Christmas time. So here are a few of the things I've been making lately.

A few dishrags for the kitchen--I always am in need of more, and these are the perfect size project for the random odds and ends in my yarn bag. The orange, olive, and gold colored one on the right is yarn that I specifically remember being used for a set of hot pads that Grandmom Rice made. It will be fun for me to remember her in a small way like that when I use it.

I've also made a couple beanie caps for Anna--and I'm experimenting with different sizes so that I can make a little boy one for our new little guy when he's born. Anna was a reluctant model, so I'll have to take pictures of her wearing it another time. Color of the flowers is subject to change--I'm tempted to just make a few in various colors and then clip on different ones when I want them. Too fun to accessorize a little girl!

I've gradually gotten a little more ambitious and tried following a few actual patterns instead of just using one stitch in rows. Here's an afghan I made for Anna--she's all about the butterfies lately. (and I just realized that I've used an awful lot of pink for her--I think it's time to expand our color spectrum)

And a sweater/top that I attempted to make for Anna. It's too big on her right now, but is promising though and hopefully will fit her through the winter.

And some sewing projects I've had fun with this summer--
I found a tutorial online for adorable shoulder bag/totes that I wanted to try out. My first one is this pink one--made from (I love this!) one of Mom's old bell-bottom jumpsuits she wore in junior high! Grandmom saved several outfits of hers in with all of her fabric to use for projects and quilts, and I also inherited some of it a few years ago. So Mom, do you remember this material?

Anna is my little girly-girl and tried to carry around the new "purse" but it was much too big for her, so I made a matching Anna-sized version.

And because I thought they were so cute and I had so much fun making them, I made another one for Dan's sister Melissa for her 13th birthday this month.

So after that marathon post, that is my full crafty summer. Now I need to get started on my little baby boy blankets with the blue flannel that I picked up at Joann's Labor Day sale over the weekend before I run out of my creative energy rush!


Justin and Jessica said...

Those hats are ADORABLE!!!! And the Anna size bag is so perfect! Way to go! I'm highly impressed!

Sarah said...

Dang, Liz! That's seriously impressive! I'm doing well if I can sew a straight line. Those beanie hats are darling...I can't wait to see how they look on Anna. :)

Brandon and Natalie said...

To be honest, I have been blog stocking you for a couple of weeks. Congrats on the new baby. Your little girl is beautiful. I can't believe she is already two. I am so glad the big girl bed transition went smooth and I love all the exciting crafts you have been doing.

I can't wait to see the diaper bag...