Sunday, September 28, 2008


I've seen these things around before, but never done one. Kind of fun--thanks for the tag, Sarah!

5 fears, 5 joys, 5 obsessions/collections, 5 surprising facts about you. Tag 5 people.

5 Fears:
- cockroaches, creepy crawly things
- losing a member of my family
- driving in downtown Houston without a map or directions (I have no sense of direction!)
- living without power for extended periods of time--no desire to do that again soon!
- having 2 kids! I guess I'd better get over that one soon--I'm down to about 2 months...

5 Joys:
- Family
- the Gospel
- Music
- cool, early morning air
- reading--especially rereading some of my favorites!

5 obsessions/collections:
- books-I have way too many for the current shelf space we have
- fabric, craft supplies
- Internet surfing
- craft patterns (I have a queue a mile long of projects I want to do)
- sheet music (choral, flute, piano...)

5 Surprising Facts:
- I'm learning ASL since we serve in the deaf branch in our stake--actually getting close to maybe considering myself conversational
- I have a hard time spending money
- I'm a pickier eater than my 2-year-old (at least for now she's still pretty good, and I just can't bring myself to like green peppers, mushrooms, and olives!)
- I've lived in TX for almost a year and a half and have yet to get a TX license... oops!
- I still have some 4th of July decorations up and have some Halloween out already--really need to get better at my decor organization.

I tag: (if you guys are reading)
Carrie, Whitney, Jenni, Aubrie, and Lindsey


Mary said...

Ok-Now I don't feel so bad! I don't have my TX drivers license either and we've been here for a year. I keep thinking that we need to get that done since it's, you know, illegal and all that...but with one car, it's hard to get in during business hours. I'm glad I'm not the only law breaker in the state :-)

Liz said...

Ha, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I understand the one car scenario--that is my main excuse. I guess I should probably stop being a law breaker soon... :)