Monday, September 29, 2008

Doctor Adventures

I'm officially past the 30-weeks pregnant milestone--31 weeks yesterday! So I'm down to going to the doctor every 2 weeks now. I had an appointment back on Thursday and everything is great so far. What was the most interesting for me, was right as I started thinking life was about back to normal around here, most stoplights finally back with power, and stores finally getting stocked back up with parishables, etc, I show up at the doctor's office for my checkup and they still didn't have power! They were running on generators, so there were a bare minimum of electricity running--computers of course, a lamp in the waiting room, a couple fans to keep air moving, and that was about it. Have you ever been to the doctor in the dark before? Ok, it wasn't completely dark because there was natural light coming in the frosted windows of the exam rooms, but not your typical standard lit doctor's office. I was very surprised because their office building is right across the street from the hospital, so I assumed that everything would be back over in that area. From what I hear, theirs is the only building that was still without power, though.

I'd been taking for granted the power we had at home. 5 days was long enough for me, but many of our nearest neighbors only just had it turned back on this last Friday and Saturday after a full 2 weeks! I guess there are still perks and blessings from renting because our apartments are a little nearer commercial areas than a normal residential subdivision is, so our power lines had a little more priority to be fixed sooner.

Anyway, despite the lack of power, doctor visit went great, my blood pressure is still at a decent level (my main worry because I had problems around this time when I was pregnant with Anna), and I got to hear a strong heartbeat of our little boy. That is always a very sweet thing to hear! I also get to have another ultrasound in 2 weeks to check baby's position since my main reason for a c-section last time was that Anna turned breech. So I get to see our little one again next week!

In other doctor adventures, I finally got Anna in for her 2-year checkup (only a month and a half late...) I missed all the appointment times right near her birthday because of everyone getting ready for back to school time, and then we missed our appointment a couple weeks ago because of Ike. Man, that hurricane really threw life for a loop. Anna played her part of a 2-year-old toddler very well and shrieked and screamed and cried anytime the doctor came near her. I still want to know where she learned to give the crusty she did! Made me want to laugh (bad mommy on my part) almost because she was so severe when she is usually is so social and happy. If looks could kill...
I hope she grows out of the fear/dislike of the doctor soon! We've been lucky enough to not need to visit a doctor visit since her last well-baby check at 18 months old, so it's not a practiced event yet.

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Mary said...

That would be a little weird to go in the dark. It does make you appreciate electricity. We've only had our power out for maybe 1/2 a day at most and that was sort of a pain. Glad to hear that most things are back to normal around your neck of the woods.