Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sewing Weekend

After a couple trips to Joann's, Hancock Fabric, Hobby Lobby, and the local sewing machine supply store, I finished sewing the messenger diaper bag from this tutorial. I love how it turned out! But man, my fingers are really raw now. I really should invest in a thimble, or at least dig around harder to find the one that I did have at one point in time, to protect my fingers from pins and needles going through thick fabric. I think it will be easier next time to just use a plain cotton fabric for lining, but I used a waterproof vinyl to line this so I can wipe it out and use it as a diaper bag. I should also invest in better pins than my cheapo plain straight pins without the little colored balls on them. That would have been much easier. You'd think I'd have thought in one of my trips out to the craft stores to pick some up. Hindsight it 20/20, though. So here's my finished product!

Look at all the pockets! One side of the inside has 2, and the other has 3 elasticized pouches--perfect for bottles, pacifiers, diaper cream, etc.

A little difficult to see, but there are 2 velcro pockets on the front of the bag, and 1 on each side.

And last, but not least, a zippered pocket on the back.

I'm excited to use it! And the best part is when it's all said and done, it only cost about $10-11 to make--of course, not counting the presser feet I had to buy for my sewing machine because I lost my other ones (but I would have to buy those anyway if I ever want to hem or insert a zipper in anything).

Ok, now I can move on and make some baby blankets since I've gotten this one out of my system.


Sarah said...

Looks awesome Liz! I bet buying something like that at the store would've cost closer to $30.00. And I would've paid it because, not only is it way cool, but I can't sew to save my life. :)

whitney said...

It turned out so cute! Smart idea to do the inside vinyl-it'll be a life-saver come baby time. Sorry about the fingers :P

Brandon and Natalie said...

Very cute! It turned out great!

aubrie said...

Wow! I'm impressed!