Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ack! First cockroach of the year alert! I'm cowering with feet up on the couch right now while Dan, aka knight in shining armor, brandishes Raid can in hand to fight for my honor/safety/security. I only screamed a little. And Dan only laughed at me for a minute. Or two. Much better than when we had our first trespasser last year.

All is not right in the world when we have creepy creatures skittering around inside that do not belong. I will at least accept that we live in a climate where cockroaches not only exist, but get considerably large, but that does not mean I have to tolerate them entering my home!

This is my new best friend for the rest of the summer.


thereadingmother0708 said...

Ughh! I'm sorry, I hate them too! We have a ton in our garden oddly enough and I found one in Charlotte's room last week too! :(

Katy said...

They're the scariest thing in the world! Where do you live?

We're still in Utah and had some outside (thankfully never inside). I was afraid to go out of the house at night and had nightmares about them invading our home. We've sprayed the perimeter of the house and now I just find dead ones. Still, so yucky and scary.

Katy said...

Oh I just saw on your information that you live in Texas. I served my mission in Ft Worth. I also lived in Georgia one summer doing the door-to-door pest control thing so I hear ya on the cockroaches. Good luck!

Sara said...

I served my mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina....and let me tell you. They have HUGE ones there! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!