Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Mommy, have to go potty again!"

Powerful words from the mouth of a newly potty-trained two-year-old.

Anna is fast learning how to get a quick response out of Mom and Dad in the middle of Sacrament Meeting.

"Mommy, I want water!" or "Daddy, want a snack!" fail, she's discovered these very persuasive and influential words, "Mommy, have to go potty again!", yield speedy action from her parents. And stifled giggles from the people sitting directly around us. To which Anna responds with her own happy squeals as she practically bounces out of the chapel hanging onto mom's or dad's hand. Nevermind the fact that we get all the way to the bathroom and realize she did NOT in fact "have to go potty again" AGAIN. But being the time bomb she is, we do not dare call her bluff yet. Too risky.

Potty-training toddlers--they rule the world.

Also delivering satisfactory results to get parents jumping fast:
-Feeding baby brother candy/cookies or anything small
-Tackling said baby brother
-"Hiding" baby brother under blanket or pillow--full coverage of head and all

And thensome...


The Joo said...

I'll have to remember to use that to get out of sacrament sometime:)

Julia said...

this is our house too. Audrey uses the potty to get out of going to bed or staying in time out.

Katy said...

One of the many reasons I haven't really tried potty training Ryann yet is because she tells me she wants to go when she really just wants to play with the water in the sink. Also because I'm too lazy to jump at her every request to use the potty.

Church--what a nightmare situation for the potty trainer! I wish I could recommend using the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" but you already know how that ended up for our family. Good luck.

Sara said...

So funny! Jordyn sits on the potty (with her clothes on) and pushed like she is going poop! Anna just cracks me learn so quickly.

Steph said...

HAHA sounds like you have your hands full! Your kids are so cute :) I can't believe how big Anna is! The last time I saw her she was still a little baby :)

Jessica & Justin said...

LOL! I totally remember that! :D It doesn't last long though...thank goodness. These kids are too dang smart!