Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Birthday

I'm officially 26! (2 days ago on the 12th) Officially closer to 30 than 20 years old. 26 sounds so grown up! Why do I not feel it very much yet? You'd think having 2 children, being married 5 years, and moving across the country would inspire me to feel grown up. Strange how the more responsibilities come, the more insignificant I feel like I'm only playing at being an adult. I keep feeling like I'm going to wake up one of these days and still be that 18-year-old in high school cramming for AP tests, practicing for flute solo and ensemble festival, and getting ready for graduation and college, not knowing what is coming next. Kind of like when my family moved to Utah when I was 9, for years I felt like I would just wake up and be 9 again living in Kansas and go play with my best friend Lindsey down the street. My younger sister Joy is the senior in high school right now about to graduate, and that is making me reminisce even more. Does anyone else ever feel this way? Or am I just too stuck in my own mental Never Never Land?

I had a great birthday, kind of low key, but nice. Anna kept saying "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" and singing the Happy Birthday song to me all day long. She sure knows how to make me feel good! The best part is apparantly I get a birthday all week from her because she still was saying happy birthday to me all day yesterday and today. Aw, I love my little girl. David gifted me with his adorable giggles and grins and adoring looks only for his mommy. Dan baked a delicious chocolate heavy cake for me and Anna helped me blow out the candles. And I got a fun night out with some friends for dinner. Other than one scary near accident at the DMV (another story for another post), it was a great day!


thereadingmother0708 said...

Happy Birthday Liz! I feel the same way about "playing a grown up." My little brother turned 20 this year and I just couldn't wrap my brain around it, he should still be 13, and I should be 16!! ;) Where did the time go?

The Joo said...

Happy birthday, I hope it was a good one! Kenny's is on Saturday, and he's having friends over to play nintendo/board games- so I'm definitely sure we're just little kids playing at being grown-ups.

Katy said...

I feel the same way about being grown up too! (I wonder if playing with toddlers all day has something to do with it.) I have some sobering moments when I realize how much I'm responsible for (usually it comes when I'm looking at bills or other papers I have to file.) I hate those moments. I prefer the never-never land where my main focus is how to help my daughter have fun learning.

I'm glad your daughter remembered to sing to you. Randy just had his b-day and every time I told Ryann, "It's daddy's birthday" she said, "And mine too!"

Greg and Tammy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You look GREAT for being so old and decrepit. :)