Friday, May 15, 2009

DMV Scare

I realized on my birthday that my driver's license was expiring, so I drove to the DMV prepared to wait in the ultra-long lines to *finally* get my new license. Shh, don't tell that I haven't gotten my Texas license yet! I'm really terrible. Anyway, now that my Utah license is officially expired, I need to get it.

So at the DMV, I loaded the kids into the double stroller and pushed them toward the side-facing entrance of the building. A very kind soul held the door for me as I was maneuvering the stroller to go in, when an older couple drove up to park in one of the front handicapped parking spots. The lady driving must have been trying to slam on the brake to stop quickly, but ended up slamming on the accelerator, jumped the little cement barricade, jumped on the curb, and crashed into the brick front of the building! Not enough to break through the wall or anything, but strong enough impact that we could see cracked bricks. This was all tiny inches from me, and Anna and David in the stroller. I don't even want to think about what a difference a few inches might have been. Or if I hadn't finished pushing the stroller that extra couple inches because someone chose to help me with the door so I had the stroller out of the path of the car. Funny, I was shocked enough that it took me a few minutes to really even realize the "almosts" that later really sent my heart racing. After realizing I didn't even have all the documents needed (why do they need my birth certificate anyway? You'd think another driver's license would suffice...) I was grateful to just get out of there and save the long wait for another day. Don't we all love the DMV? Looks like I get to face it tomorrow now that I've got all the right documentation to prove I am who I say I am.

I'm so grateful that we were protected. I feel like that little experience was a tender mercy of the Lord, that we were watched over and kept safe. I know that He watches over all of His children, and we may not ever know when we are guided away from situations in order to protect us. This is one situation I was blessed to be able to see and feel His love for me and my family. I'm grateful for those tender mercies in our lives, and I'm grateful to be able to witness it and feel that love from our Heavenly Father.


thereadingmother0708 said...

Scary!! Thank goodness you're all ok!

The Joo said...

oh my! I'm glad you are ok! I once made a misake like that while learning to drive- mixed up the brake/accelerator- and pushed a car through our garage door. Oops!
Oh, and we only recently got our TX licenses as well.

Sarah said...

Good Heavens!! I'm so glad you are all okay!

Mary said...

Good thing the DMV was made out of bricks! Scary.

I've also been to the DMV without my birth certificate. Unfortunately, it was in storage in Utah and I was in Idaho. Needless to say, I had to order and pay for a new one and now I take EVERYTHING I can think of with me when I get new licenses...birth certificates, passports, SSN cards, insurance cards. I don't want to be unprepared!